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Online survey preparation

Uninterrupted and updated information about your customers, the market as well as other influencing factors is necessary for the life of any company. However, you will not find the actual, specific information concerning your firm neither on television nor at different news sites nor at other places. With the help of online surveys you can easily get access to updated data that is valuable for you. By using BEE you only need to ask your questions on a questionnaire then you can share it with the public, customers and acquaintances in several forms (in an email, embedded on a website or blog, through a social networking media or as a Facebook application). Then just sit back and wait for the incoming answers. You can continuously monitor the results with the help of our statistical system. Data is immediately accessible. You can easily use BEE Satisfaction on your mobile, tablet, laptop, PC or MAC.


The aim of  online survey

Data acquisition

Information is power. However, the quality of the information matters a lot. Irrelevant, out-of-date information does not only hinder expected progress but the caused damage can be enormous. You need updated and unique information affecting your enterprise which you can receive by a survey.



You can draw valuable conclusions and development suggestions from the data obtained as a result of the survey. And you can gain a significant business advantage.


Decision support

An entrepreneur faces a series of important business decisions day after day. Making well-grounded, good decisions based on up-to-date information and answers received as a result of the survey is almost as easy as child’s play.


Advantages of creating your online survey

Online survey is a data acquisition tool that unites the advantages of the Internet with opportunity of interactivity.

As a result:

  • it becomes easier to reach the target group
  • willingness to answer survey questions increases
  • costs decrease
  • data acquisition speeds up
  • reliable, authentic data (anonymous, well-considered answers)
  • better recollection of memories (equal to the value of an advertisement)
  • combined, complex questioners can be prepared
  • this online tool is free from mistakes made by the interviewer and data recording errors

Online survey

By using BEE you can create your online questionnaires easily, with a few clicks.
You can choose an appropriate question from a set of questions, and then you can record the answer options.


Online questionnaires are good for

Creating Survey
You can use online questionnaires for business tasks, information or data acquisition and survey preparation.

Market research
You find out about the life of your product, service as well as their related marketing by analysing the data discovered during the market research.

Public opinion poll
Public opinion polls are essential for the development of effective business marketing and sales strategies.

Customer satisfaction survey
With the help of a customer satisfaction survey you can find out about the weaknesses and strengths of your enterprise. A customer satisfaction survey also helps you find out how to sell more of your products or services as well as to improve their quality.

Employee satisfaction survey
With the help of an online questionnaire you can also carry out an employee satisfaction survey, which helps you find out about the opinion of your employees get feedbacks from them and you can also discover new viewpoints and opportunities.

Tests, quizzes, forms, polling
An online questionnaire is a magnificent tool for the preparation of tests, quizzes, final theses, essays or any market research. Surveys can be used as application forms or you can also cast your votes on them.


Survey questions and sample surveys

Survey questions

The question types available for survey questions are basically separated into the two groups of closed and open questions.

  • In case of closed questions the interviewee can choose one or more answer from a recorded set of answers. It is easier to process these answers.
  • In case of open questions the interviewee answers the questions in his/her own words. It is more difficult to process these answers since the answers are different in each case.

Sample Survey

If you do not really know how to create a survey or you need inspiration for it than BEE offers a superb solution to you as well. Just choose one of the sample surveys that you can even modify or use in its original form.


Online survey tools provide you the opportunity to obtain the information important for you in the quickest and most cost saving way.


What do you do to gain the appropriate information?