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How to measure the awareness of my clients?
How could I find out what individual offers they want? 

Create an Online Quiz

An online quiz is a kind of intellectual competition, a competition where the aim of the game is to answer the questions correctly.
Besides carrying out an online survey, market research, satisfaction survey or public opinion poll, BEE Satisfaction also offers a perfect solution for creating online quizzes.
You can easily create your online quizzes on the easy to use online interface of BEE. Share your online quiz with your community in several forms. You can send in and email, embed it on your website or blog, share it on your social networking site or you can even publish it as a Facebook application on your account.
The statistical system immediately records the answers coming in from several places and it is possible to view and monitor the result report immediately.
It is both easy to edit and fill in your online quiz on a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC and MAC as well.

What can an online quiz be good for?

Besides revealing the knowledge of the interviewee, quizzes have significant role in corporate marketing as well. Online quizzes have an advertising power since some of the questions or entertaining quizzes can spread extremely fast on the Internet without any assistance.

Questions of an online quiz

In case of online quizzes the leading part is of the questions with only one correct answer. In case of those questions you can choose only one correct answer from a set of possible answers, since there is only one correct answer to the question.

Create Online Test

Creating tests on different topics are very popular since the test focuses directly on the player. The result is also important for them as it has something to do with them.
The tests show significant peculiarity when compared to other surveying methods. Their special characteristic is that the player can be classified in a given category based on their answers.
Creating a test requires predefined categories as well as the premeditation of answers for each category.

What can an online test be used for?

Online tests offer a very unique business opportunity. With the help of an online test you can categorize people filling in the test according to different conditions. Consequently, after filling up a test it becomes very easy to give offers tailored to the individual needs of consumers. And just like in the case of quizzes, using tests have their own advantages too. If they are interesting or entertaining enough then the people answering them will presumably forward them to their acquaintances too thus increasing the reputation of your enterprise. Tests have advertising power too.
What do you do to entertain your clients when collecting data?