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Public opinion poll

How can I get a reliable picture of my target groups’ opinion?
How can I support the marketing strategy of my enterprise?

Online public opinion poll with the help of BEE

With the help of an online public opinion poll you can survey the opinion and attitude of the population, community on the one hand and also discover the unique natures of individual groups on the other hand.
With a research opinion poll you can examine from a business standpoint what feelings, opinions are attached to your product, service, and individual event, how much they become part of common knowledge and how much interest do people show towards those.
Learning the opinion of a community is not as difficult as you would think.
Our universal questionnaire editing system called BEE does not require infrastructural development or preparation of any kind. After logging in to our online interface you can simply start editing your own opinion poll or questionnaire. You can collect answers to your opinion poll in different ways. You can forward it in emails, embed it on your website, or blog, share on a social networking site and you can even set it as a Facebook application with a few clicks.
Thanks to real time statistics, the incoming answers become immediately visible in the system and you can read the results promptly.
Both editing and filling in the questionnaires are fast and easy either on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs or MAC as well.

What can a public opinion poll be used for?

• You can easily learn the opinion of the population or its individual groups on topics that are important for you.
• You can create a quantitative summary of the feelings of a community with the help of online research.
• By learning the different opinions it becomes possible for you to learn about new viewpoints as well as to make valuable conclusions and enterprise development suggestions.
• Having those results you can make well-founded answers.
• You can examine the consequences, effects of your individual decisions.
• The most important quality of this tool is that you can use it for developing an effective marketing and sales strategy, and you can use it for business development.

Frequency of public opinion polls


One-time or continuous opinion research

It is worth repeating a survey at certain intervals in order to continuously monitor how your decisions influence the opinion of the public, and be able to change your strategy in time, if necessary.

One-time research opinion poll

Some of the opinion researches measure the actual situation and record the views of the public at a given time and in a given situation.

Continuous research opinion poll

Often the aim is to monitor the perceptible changes in the stratification of the society that is to record continuously the changes of opinion at certain periods of time.
The use of BEE online  tool provides you an opportunity to carry out a one-time or even a continuous research of your community’s opinion.
What do you do to learn the opinion of your community?