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Market research

How can I learn the needs of my clients?
How can I learn that there will be enough demand for my new product?


Online market research with the help of BEE

The successful operation of your enterprise requires constant and thorough acquisition of information on the market and market developments. Identification of needs, winning and keeping the market cannot be successful without a successful market research.

The word of market research sounds shocking for many entrepreneurs, since they remember the huge costs, lots of efforts, complicated analyses and huge market research companies. But with the help of BEE the process of online market research becomes extremely simple and affordable to all.

You can easily create your survey with your own questions on the online interface which you can forward to your community, clients, and acquaintances (in an email, embedded on a website or blog, through a social networking media or as a Facebook application). Then you just need to sit back and wait for the incoming answers. Thanks to the statistical system you can immediately see the incoming answers so you can continuously monitor the results. You can easily use BEE Satisfaction on your mobile, tablet, laptop, PC and even on MAC. You and your interviewees can easily use BEE Satisfaction on a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, a PC and MAC as well.

The use of market research

  • you can gain up-to-date, timely and unique information from the first-hand
  • you can draw up valuable conclusions, development suggestions
  • you can make well-founded decisions
  • you can gain support for your business, marketing and advertisement campaigns
  • you can learn consumer behaviour, shopping and product use habits
  • you can get assistance for positioning your product and learning the market
  • you can ease the introduction of your product and service as well as the preparation of their development; moreover you can even forecast the expected reactions of consumers and competitors.

The following fields of market research become available for you
with the help of BEE:

Media research

With the help of media research you can reveal the features of each type of media, the media consumption habits which are extremely important from the viewpoint of the efficiency of an advertisement. This branch of market research forms basis for planning an efficient media strategy. Market research aims to discover the ways of reaching the most possible members of a target group with the least possible costs. 


Advertising research, advertising effect research

Efficient advertising and communication campaigns are based on advertising research. With the help of advertising research you can test whether your advertisement has reached the desired effect, whether your message reached the target group, arouse their interest, what they can recall from your advertisement and whether it has triggered off an emotion or not.


Opinion survey

Please, see details under the menu of public opinion research.


Consumer research

Consumer research helps you gain valuable information about the fact how your consumers see your product or service. You can learn their consumption and shopping habits, learn how they form their decisions, what forms basis for making their decision and what influences those.


Research or bankruptcy

Through the analysis of data acquired by asking people questions you become able to define the competitiveness of your product, service as well as the outcome of their related marketing campaigns. Those who do not carry out market research risk huge losses even bankruptcy with their miscalculations and inappropriate estimates.

However, a market research which is carried out appropriately can throw light on certain pieces of information that give you powerful advantage over the competition.

Great failures from all over the world

that could have been avoided by making some inquiries beforehand.

  • Coca-Cola

introduced Coke in 2 litre bottles, since they thought people drink more when it is hot. It was a great idea, but they realized it too late, that the 2 litre bottles could not fit into the refrigerators used in Spain.

  • McDonald’s

One of the companies’ advertising campaigns ended in a failure as a consequence of using figure with a white make-up on its face. The managers of McDonald’s did not know that a white face is the symbol of death in Japan.

Market research is as old commerce itself however market research has been the privilege of multinational companies.


BEE has brought an affordable tool of online market research for small and medium (SMEs) sized enterprises too.

What do you do to make the best possible decision?