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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions - BEE Satisfaction


1. General Provisions


1.1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter Terms and Conditions) defines the provisions concerning the legal relationship between the Service Provider as the website operator (hereinafter referred to as Provider) and the User of the website services who is registered on the website, as well as the rights and obligations of the Provider and the User.


1.2. The User declares at the same time with the User's online registration the explicit statement that he/she has read and agrees to comply with the present Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, the User also declares that he/she agrees to comply with the data privacy policy provided by the Service Provider as it is defined in the Privacy Policy and in the Terms and Conditions. In the absence of this statement it is not possible to register on the web page of the Provider.


1.3. Provider allows free use of the website's free registration package, as it is stated on the website, and ensures the use of subscription packages for a subscription fee.
Provider ensures the opportunity to collect and manage data for the registered users of the website. Registered Users collect information by editing and publishing questionnaires and publicly disclosing or sending them to a third party, or by sharing the questionnaire itself or the link belonging to the survey. User acknowledges that the website collects data to statistics every 24 hours at the latest.


1.4. The User explicitly acknowledges that the Provider shall be entitled to change the Terms and Conditions unilaterally. Provider is entitled to change this provision without notice. Entry to the web page means at the same time the fully comprehensive acceptance of the prevailing provisions of the current Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1.5. General Terms and Conditions is considered a contract concluded by electronic means between absent parties. General Terms and Conditions does not qualify as specialty, and is not registered by the Provider and is not available upon request.The language of the contract is Hungarian.

1.6. Glossary
GTC: General Terms and Condititions

Provider: Havasweb Ltd.(1185 Budapest, Nagybánya u. 54. Tax number:14678109-2-43), author, owner, and operator of the intellectual property.

Website: www.beesatisfaction.com url address, online interface operated by the Service Provider and the associated sotware.


Intellectual properties of third parties published or in other way available on the website of Service Provider (such as articles, e-books, sample questionnaires, reports, analyzes, etc...) can be used solely within the framework of Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright. Any use exceeding these limits requires the authors' consent.


User: legally capable person of 18 years of age who is registered on the website and using the services of the website.


Profile: profile made available to the particular User by the Servie Provider that can only be used and opened by the unique user name and password of the User. By logging in to the profile the User can view and modify his/her own data and his/her subscriptions, he/she can create quationnaires and he/she can share them with third parties, he/she can sum up the result of the survey and export it.

Registration package: free package that can be used under the conditions published on the website.

Subscription packages: packages that can be used under the conditions published on the website and at the same time require a subscrition fee. 


Registration and subscription packages together: service package

2. Registration process

2.1. Every legally capable person of 18 years of age shall be entitled to register on the web page free of charge.

Service packages of the web page are units that ensure the opportunity within their validity criteria to create and edit a questionnaire, to share them and send them out to the respondents and receiving answers.

Name, subscription fees, services included in the package of the current service packages is included in the menu under the label Prices.

2.2. User registration consists of the following steps:

Application - Filling in the registration form: During the registration process the User need to provide data about his/her personal data, his/her contact and login data (in case of a subscription package he or she also needs to provide information on the subscription package and billing address as well). By registering, the User also declares acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. Following the successful application the User will receive an automatic e-mail message to the email address given in the registration form including further steps of registration such as: data necessary to confirm and validate the registration and information to transfer the subscription fee.

Registration confirmation: automatic email message including the link required to confirm the registration will be sent to the User. By clicking on this link the registration is confirmed. The User is informed via website if the confirmation was successful.

2.3. There is a specific email address belonging to each individual user account. Each email address belongs to only one user account.

2.4. One User is allowed to create only one user account, multiple registration is expressly prohibited. In case of multiple registration the Service Provider alerts the User to reduce the growing numbers of profiles by using the specific email addresses. If the User fails to comply with the notice within 15days, the Service Provider repeats the warning after the 16th day, and as of the 20th day is entitled to cancel all the accounts of the User. In this case, the User will lose all his/her entitlements, given the fact that multiple registration constitutes a material breach of contract.

2.5. The User may not use another User's profile. The user Profile can not be transferred to someone else.

3. The process of ordering subscripton packages

3.1. Purchase Order
The User can order a subscription package as the last step of the registration and subscription process in the Subscription menu. In case of an already registered User, after logging in, he or she can also order the selected package in the Subscription menu.By registering, the User also declares acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as well.

3.2. Activating Packages
Activation of the User's subscription is a confirmation of the User's succesful financial fulfillment. Activation of services occurs when the Service Provider sees the payment on his/her own account. The activation is done by the Service Provider. The User shall be notified about the activation (confirmation of payment) by email notification.

3.3. Cancellation of an Order.
The User can cancell an order before payment is performed without justification. After payment is performed, meaning at the same time that the service package is activated, withdrawal is not possible since by activating the service package the User will begin use of the website's services.

4. Validity of the registration package and subscription packages
The registration package is valid as of the cofirmation of registration, the subcription packages are valid as of the activation of the packages.
Validity period of the registration package complies with the fullfilment of the conditions indicated on the website.
The User can continuously monitor the validity of the subscription packages within the User profile under the Subscription menu.
Validity is automatically terminated as the registration is cancelled. The User is not entitled to reclaim the subscription fee neither partially nor in full (not even on the grounds of asking for cancellation under the validity period, or not even in the event of the Service Provider cancelling the account because of breach of cont ract).The User shall not be entitled to reclaim subscripition fee from the Service Provider by claiming that he or she did not use the services during the subscription period


5. Billing
After ordering a subscription package the Service Provider issue a prepayment request that he or she sends to the specified email address of the User that was given by the User.
The prepayment request contains the information necessary to transfer the subscription fee. Within 15 days of its receipt of the subscription fee the Service Provider sends the authentic invoice to the User's billing address.


6.Complaint Handling
The User, in case he/she has any claims or complaints, can appeal to the Service Provider by filling in the form that can be found in the Contact menu or he/she can use the email address found at the bottom of the General Terms and Condition. Messages are received by the Service Provider no matter which way the User sends his or her complaints.
The Service Provider investigates and responds to complaints within 30 days of receipt, if possible immediately. 

7. Data handling

7.1. The User has full responsibility for the user name and password of the user account, and for subscriptions and any other activity carried out under the User's account. The User agrees that after obtaining information on any unauthorized use of data or any other breach of security, shall immediately inform the Service Provider by reporting the case through a secured entrance point on the website.
The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from the delay in notification. The Provider neither is responsible for damages or loss resulting from the improper handling or disclosure of the password and user name to a third party by the User.

7.2. The User declares that the data provided by him or her is accurate and true, and also agrees to immediately record any change of data in his or her profile. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from false, incorrect information or e-mail address given by the User. However the Provider may claim reinbursement for any damage occured because of that.

7.3. The Provider is responsible for fulfillment of the order based on the data provided by the User. The Service Provider reserves the right to reject the order for temporary or definitively in case of especially false or incomplete data provided by User, any abuse of the selling system or affiliate program, or potentially misconduct on the part of the User (definitively or until the unlawful conduct is terminated).

7.4. The Service Provider shall be entitled to cancel the obviously incorrect or false information, and in case of doubt, shall be entitled to check the authenticity of the data. The Service Provider manages the personal data provided by User on the basis of their voluntary consent and the privacy policy of the Service Provider.
The Service Provider handles and stores the personal data with due diligence and shall act in his most careful. Despite all the precautions, the Service Provider shall not be liable for any possible damage resulted from unavoidable attacks or force majeure.

7.5. Provider does not control the information, data and content that is generated by the use of the website. Provider does not guarantee the quality, legality and integrity of such information, data and content.

7.6. Provider shall be entitled to inform its Users on different topics and news through the website or through their provided email addresses.

7.7 Registration for the site and participation in surveys is voluntary.People participating in the surveys are aware of that they give out personal information and they themselves are responsible for ensuring how much and what kind of information they provide.Persons participating in the survey are aware that the infromation provided by them is available to the website User and the Service Provider too and may be subject to data analysis by them.

8. Responsibility for the information content

User is solely and personally responsible for all information being added to the webpage or made accessible for a third party.
Provider does not control the information, data and content that is generated by the use of the website. Provider does not guarantee the quality, legality and integrity of such information, data or content.

User declares that the services are not used for the following purposes:

  • Uploading,sharing, publishing, emailing any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, embarrassing, harassing, torture-related, defamatory,threatening others good reputation, vulgar, obscene,in any way is invasive of a person's rights, hateful or inciting, or is racially or ethnically or any other way discriminatory.
  • Endangering minors in any ways
  • Impersonating, or making any legal or natural person recognizable including site managers, sevice providers. Presenting oneself or anybody else with fake or deceptive identity or with any deceptive data relating to workplace or any other area.
  • Uploading, sharing, emailing, or in any other way publishing, collecting any kind of content that the User has no rights to under the law or based on formal agreement( including comfidential information, information related to a person or property gained through workplace connections or through any other confidential relationship)
  • Uploading, sharing, emailing, or in any other way publishing, collecting any kind of content that violates patent, registered trademark, proprietary rights or any other copyright (collectively Rights).
  • Uploading, sharing, emailing, or in any other way publishing, collecting any kind of content that is aimed at unauthorized money making or advertising such as advertising and promotional materials, "junk mail," "spam," "pyramid schemes," or any other methods of money making purposes.
  • activity that disturbes or interfere with the operation of the website, service or the servers ensuring service and website, as well as non-compliance to the requirements, conditions and regulations.
  • Intentional or unintentional violation of any local, state, national, international law.



9. Other provisions

9.1. The contract created by accepting the current Terms of Conditions can be terminated by either party without justification and with immediate effect.

User can send his or her notice of termination by filling in a form that can be found under the Contact menu or by sending an email to the email address that can be found at the bottom of the current Terms and Conditions. 

Upon termination of the contract the Provider immediately delete the User's profile. The User acknowledges that as of this date his or her profile can not be used, and he/she is not entitled to use the services provided by the Service Provider to any further contracting.

User also acknowledges, that the Service Provider will not refund his or her payment.

9.2. The Service Provider ensures the accessibility of the prevailing Terms and Conditions without registration or logging in to a profile.

9.3. User aknowledges that due to the characteristics of the internet, the continuous operation of the system may be interrupted without prior knowledge or without the intention of the Service Provider. Therefore the Provider can not guarantee the continuous and undisturbed operation of the website and the system, neither can ensure continuous and undisturbed access to the system. However the Provider is required to do everything in its competence that can be expected in the particular situation.

The Service Provider ensures an annual 98% uptime for the technical operation of the website for its subscription package users. Otherwise, Provider ensures twice of the amount of lost time free of charge for its subscribers after the expiry of subscription period. 
Provider is entitled to temporary discontinue its service (partially or fully) because of safety concerns or website maintenance without notice or notification. In this case the Provider must inform the users - in case of scheduled maintenance- about the expected time of shutdown 24 hours prior to the event and about the expected time of restart in a notice posted on the website.


9.4. User acknowledges by accepting the Current Terms and Conditions that the Provider is entitled to send every information to the registered email address without prior consent.

 User by accepting the Terms and Conditions agrees to that the Provider fully or partially surrender or transfer the rights and obligations under the current Terms and Conditions to a third party .


9.5. Invalidity of certain conditions of the present Terms and Conditions does not constitute the entire Terms and Conditions is invalid , those provisions of the Contract that are not affected by invalidity may remain in full force and are enforceable. Parties are required to substitute the invalid provisions with legitimate provisions that meet their common will.

9.6. Provider accepts complaints regarding the websites and possible notices of termination of contract to the following email address: hello@beesatisfaction.com 

9.7 . Effective Date of the present Terms and Conditions: 07th October 2013.