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Employee satisfaction survey

How could I increase the efficiency of my employees?
What are they satisfied with and what are they not?


Online employee satisfaction survey with BEE

Employees are one of the pillars of an enterprise since the product, the provided service and the development of the enterprise basically depend on them. In order to maintain the competitiveness of an organisation it is indispensable to improve employee efficiency. However, employee efficiency is determined by their job satisfaction.
Measure your employees’ satisfaction online, easily and quickly with BEE Satisfaction Survey.


It is extremely simple and quick to compile your online empoyee satisfaction survey on the simple and user friendly online interface of BEE. Share your employee satisfaction survey with your clients and customers in several forms (in an email, embedded on a website or blog, through a social networking media or even as a Facebook application). Thanks to the real time statistical system you can immediately view the answers coming in from different places in real time, so you can continuously monitor the result reports.
You can conveniently edit your questionnaire on a PC, a MAC, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile phone and your interviewees can also easily fill it in.


The advantages of making an employee satisfaction survey

With the help of an employee satisfaction survey you can learn about the opinion of your employees, co-workers and your can also get feedback from them.
Based on the remarks of your employees you can discover new viewpoints which can have key roles in maintaining the competitiveness of your organisation as well as the development of your enterprise.
Furthermore, the employee satisfaction surveys also determine the areas of your company that require intervention and they also specify the direction of your interventions and support you in making decisions concerning your enterprise.
At the same time, by using a survey you can also strengthen your relation with your employees, which helps you discover the means of keeping the valuable ones and to attract talented workforce.

Major areas of an employee satisfaction survey

This kind of survey aims to create a comprehensive understanding of the employees’ opinion, research specified areas and survey factors that influence the satisfaction of the employees as a whole or certain groups of it. Every manager has to make efforts to increase the satisfaction of their employees.
The first step of increasing satisfaction is to survey the actual condition.

Major areas of the employee satisfaction surveys

  • individual competence
  • working conditions
  • workplace relations
  • tools and systems of motivation
  • corporate binding
  • communication and feedback system
  • career opportunities

Satisfied employee – productive job performance

Improve your competitiveness with satisfied employees

A satisfied employee increases efficiency while the increasing efficiency increases the profit of the company.
If a company does not pay attention on internal satisfaction, this can lead to significant disadvantage to others who focus on the development of their employees’ satisfaction.

Advantages of a satisfied employee

  • commitment, loyalty
  • development of their individual efficiency
  • development of organisational efficiency
  • motivation growth
  • word-of-mouth advertisement

Dangers of a dissatisfied employee

  • can increase fluctuation
  • can trigger conflicts
  • damage the reputation of the enterprise
  • can decrease motivation and performance
  • lowers workplace morals

What do you do to increase the efficiency of your employees?