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Client satisfaction survey

Are my clients satisfied?

What do my clients think of my products and enterprise?


Online customer satisfaction survey with BEE

You can only understand and influence those things that you know.

Recognition and analyses of your customers’ opinion forms a basis of the development of your company. Customer satisfaction surveys and their analysis in the decision making process forms a basis of a company’s development and competitiveness. An entrepreneur who knows what influences the satisfaction of its customers and in which direction already has a big advantage over its competitors. Measuring, monitoring and increasing customer satisfaction can be the most powerful weapon of enterprises against their competition. This is what BEE offers you a solution for.

It is extremely simple to compile your customer satisfaction survey on the user friendly online surface of BEE. You can forward your survey to your clients and customers in several forms (in an email, embedded on a website or blog, through a social networking media or even as a Facebook application). You can follow the incoming answers in real time, since they immediately appear in the statistics system of BEE. The result can immediately be displayed.
It is both easy to edit and fill in a survey for your customers on a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, a PC and MAC as well.


The advantages of making a customer satisfaction survey

  • With the help of our survey you can learn the opinion of your customers, consumers, you can get feedback from your product, service, enterprise etc.
  • You can turn subjective data into objective measurement.
  • Consequently, with the analysis of a customer satisfaction survey all the individual feelings and experiences of your clients towards your company, product or service become possible to be transformed into concrete facts and data.
  • You can easily reveal the weaknesses and the strengths of your company, find a method to sell more products or services and you can even discover how to improve quality.
  • You can make valuable conclusions, draw up development suggestions and discover new viewpoints and opportunities.
  • You can make well-founded decisions.

A satisfied client is the best advertisement

According to certain estimates winning a new customer costs five times more than keeping an old one. In spite of this most enterprises still place a bigger emphasis on the acquisition of new customers than keeping the old ones. Your clients will be faithful, returning customers if they are satisfied.
Measure your clients’ satisfaction easily and quickly with BEE Satisfaction.


The results of a satisfied customer

Our customer satisfaction survey is a superb customer relation management tool. Even the mere fact of asking a client’s opinion increases his or her satisfaction. The client satisfaction survey is actually a kind of marketing tool as well. When customers feel that importance is attached to their opinion and they are respected then all these increase their satisfaction.


Profitability - cost saving

Satisfied customers hold on to a given company in the long run, which results great profitability. This then drives to

  • increased customer loyalty
  • returning clients - continuous revenue
  • the costs of servicing the returning clients decreases (confidence and routine)
  • marketing and transaction costs decrease
  • market position strengthening, company value increase


Marketing development

  • recommendation (word-of-mouth advertising) – even more customers
  • company reputation, image improves


Increased labour force stability

The employees become more faithful, the workplace stress reduces, and the employee fluctuation also reduces since the employees find their working conditions more favourable too.


Dangers of dissatisfied customers

The operation of many enterprises is based on a mere principle according to which they will hear about the problems of a dissatisfied client anyways. These enterprises basically rely on customer complaints and claims.

Did you know that you can cause a huge damage to your enterprise if you do not survey the satisfaction of your customers?

Only 1 out of 25 dissatisfied customers complain, the rest turns to the competition.
A customer who has problems will talk about it to 10 to 20 people.
The customer who complains would rather stay the customer of the company rather than those who are dissatisfied but do not complain.

It has been discovered that complaints cannot be an efficient means of an indirect consumer satisfaction survey. Use the online survey tool BEE Satisfaction especially designed for this purpose.



What do you do to make your clients return to you?